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If We Stayed Alive is the first LP from legendary Minneapolis band 12 Rods - and presents their first new music in twenty-two years. Its an excellent introduction to one of the most acclaimed, talked-about bands of the turn of the century, and what some have called one of the best indie bands of the 90s. Pitchfork raved about Gay? and Split Personalities, and a collaboration with Todd Rundgren, 2000s Separation Anxieties, followed. Bandleader Ryan Olcott wrote, recorded and played everything you hear on If We Stayed Alive. To be honest, he says, I think its the best material Ive had to offer so far. Its sound, themes, mood are evergreen. Its 12 Rods. Its new. Its everything weve waited for.

1. All I Can Think About 2. My Year (This Is Going To Be) 3. Private Spies 4. Comfortable Situation 5. The Beating 6. Hide Without Delay 7. Twice

  • Format Detail: LP [w/ download card]
  • Genre: Indie & Alternative
  • Internal ID: JITRE
  • Format: Vinyl
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