Loudness - Thunder In The East (Rocktober 2017 Exclusive) (Red, Colored Vinyl) - Vinyl

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Loudness: Minoru Nihara (vocals); Akira Takasaki (guitar); Masayoshi Yamashita (bass); Munetaka Higuchi (drums).
With 1985's Thunder in the East, Loudness were faced with the daunting challenge of conquering heavy metal fans outside their homeland of Japan for the first time. Knowing that their early sound might prove a tad too heavy and complex for American audiences, the foursome rose to the occasion by dispensing their most melodic compositions ever. Yet, except for a few obvious examples, like "We Could Be Together," first single "Crazy Nights," and the power ballad "Never Change Your Mind," the band doesn't seem at all self-conscious about this transition. A few all-out headbangers like "Get Away" and "Clockwork Toy" are hammered out for good measure, but it's excellent tracks like "Heavy Chains," "The Lines Are Down," and "No Way Out" which obtain the best results by bridging the gap between both extremes and providing the best foundations for Akira Takasaki's incendiary guitar solos. In fact, were it not for singer Minoru Niihara's poor English-speaking skills (which quite understandably result in some amusing lyrical transgressions) little here belies the band's unique origins, and for that they should be applauded. Oh, and the impossibly long guitar riff of "Run for Your Life" has to be a world record. Backed by a ruthless marketing campaign concocted by record label Atco, Thunder in the East would actually do quite well in America. But Loudness' novelty status would soon wear off, and they would never again experience such success in America, despite some fine efforts in the following years. ~ Eduardo Rivadavia

  • Genre: Pop
  • Format: Vinyl

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