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Monostereo Exclusive - New release from Mipso - Book of Fools - on Opaque Red vinyl. After a decade on the road and 5 acclaimed albums, the NC-based Mipso is starting fresh with a loose and groovy, live-to-tape rock record that manages to put the self-assured four-piece in a brand new context. Vinyl LP Released: 09/08/2023

What makes Mipso special? Great harmonies, killer grooves, and brilliant songwriting. Produced by Shane Leonard at Oakland, California’s beloved Tiny Telephone Studio, the 11-song batch will infect you with earworms made of guitar and fiddle riffs, pretzel-twisted upright bass lines, and saturated “ooohs” drifting in as if on AM radio waves. Mipso’s fluent blend of folk influences and electric experimentation–and the presence of three distinct lead singers–calls to mind Fleetwood Mac or The Grateful Dead or The Band or Fairport Convention, bands made up of strong personalities who relish the special recipe they have together, and who love pop earworms as much as old, hand-me-down melodies.

Track Listing
Starry Eyes/Book of Fools
Radio Hell
Broken Heart/Open Heart
I Wait For Your Call
Carolina Rolling By
The Numbers
Called Out Loaded
Break It To You Anyhow

  • Format: Vinyl

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