UB40 - Collected [Import] (Limited Edition, 180 Gram Vinyl, Gatefold LP Jacket) (2 Lp's) - Vinyl

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With a discography that is quite big and a career that stretches over 35 years, U.K. reggae-pop act UB40 fit quite well into Universal's "three discs or bust" series dubbed Collected. Great news is that the compilers offer a more complete overview than usual, with the revolutionary early hit "One in Ten" proving the group is much more than a soft, tropical act that covers Neil Diamond songs. Still, the sweet, sweet fluff is represented as their summery party starter, and world favorite "Red Red Wine" is on the track list, as is their hit Elvis cover "(I Can't Help) Falling in Love with You" and their take on "Breakfast in Bed" with Chrissie Hynde as guest vocalist. "Rat in Mi Kitchen," "Homely Girl," and the album version of "Here I Am," which works a cover of Bob Marley's "Small Axe" into the mix, are all fan favorites that fall squarely between reggae and pop. The third disc includes many live cuts, rare numbers, and remixes of tracks that appeared earlier in the set, so consider this a great two-disc overview with a great bonus tacked on. ~ David Jeffries

  • Genre: Pop
  • Format: Vinyl

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