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Eurythmics: Annie Lennox (vocals); Dave Stewart (guitar).
Additional personnel includes: Chris Sharrock (strings); Andy Wright (keyboards, percussion, programming); Chucho Merchan, Dave Catlin-Birch (bass); Pete Lewinson, Steve Lewinson (drums); Pro Arte Orchestra Of London.
After releasing 1989's WE TOO ARE ONE, Dave Stewart and Annie Lennox took a break from Eurythmics in order to pursue outside projects. During their time apart in the '90s, Lennox released two solo albums while Stewart wrote songs and produced other people, composed scores, and fronted the Spiritual Cowboys. On their first record in a decade, Eurythmics return with a collection of lush pop tracks caressed by Annie Lennox's sultry vocals flowing over Dave Stewart's enthralling studio arrangements.
The mood struck on the Eurythmics' ninth studio album is one of warm, organic ambiance akin to William Orbit's work with Madonna. Songs such as the airy "17 Again" (which finds Lennox cleverly referencing their hit "Sweet Dreams") and the Burt Bacharach-flavored "I Saved the World Today" are sophisticated, unpretentious pop compositions light years beyond the band's early synth-pop work. Balancing out PEACE's sedate moments are such up-tempo tracks as the wah-wah guitar-driven "Power to the Meek" and the equally rocking "I Want It All," a track punctuated by Lennox's exuberant whoops. One of the most triumphant moments on PEACE is "Forever," a sweeping number wrapped in a George Martin-inspired orchestral arrangement straight off a late-period Beatles album.

  • Genre: Rock
  • Format: Vinyl

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